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About The App

  • This app is a fantastic app for recently viewed products.
  • This will help customers to review the products that they have seen recently.
  • Recently Viewed Products By ZA will be displayed in Image Gallery or Slider at the bottom of the product, collection and home page.
  • This will make it easy for the customers to get back to the products they have searching for late.


  • Users can review the recently viewed products.
  • Admin can configure the number of products to be displayed.
  • The user can view any product from the list.
  • The user will view the name and price of the recently viewed products.
  • Admin can configure that what will be showed to customer product image, name and price.
  • Admin can set the Title of the Recently viewed Products Section.
  • Admin can show/hide the recently viewed products in home, collection and products page.
  • Admin can configure the Image size.
  • Simple user interface
  • Easy to use and install
  • Easy to configure.
  • We provide theme reset feature so that admin can remove the section from his Shopify store.
  • Admin can set sections margin and padding according to his theme.
  • We provide the section back color settings in admin panel.
  • Admin can show the products in Image Gallery or Slider.
  • We support Custom CSS.

Image Gallery

    • In image gallery view admin can set that how many products will be viewed to customer.
    • Image Size can be changed by Admin
    • Background color can be changed by Admin

Image Slider

    • In Slider settings admin can control the images which will be shown to user
    • Admin can change the Background color of slider
    • Slider image size can be changed by the Admin

App Demo

Click here to view Demo


If you are facing any diffculties or want to ask any query then leave a mail at [email protected]


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