Easy Country Blocker


About the App

Easy Country Blocker is a simple and more powerful app to block users on your store by countries and specific Ip range. User-friendly settings available in country blocker app which is everyone can manage these settings.

App Features:-

  • Restrict specific users from visiting your store.
  • Restrict specific country from visiting your Shopify store.
  • Easily manage countries that you want to blocked.
  • You can block users by creating blocked IP range.
  • You can unblock users by creating whitelist IP range.
  • Avoid unwanted traffic from on your store.
  • Customization settings for Blocked Page
  • 500+ google fonts to manage font style of Blocked Page.
  • Customize contact information settings that are displayed on Blocked Page.

How to app works:-

Make your Shopify store fully secured and protect yourself to fraud.

App Demo

Click Here for the app Demo.

Frequently Ask a Question?

You can ask a question from us regarding Easy Country Blocker app via email [email protected]


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